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AeroCom Image Catalogues / Phase II Interface

AeroCom Database and User Server, Database Explanations

An specific data server ( allows users to access AeroCom model data directly. Condition for access to the AeroCom data server:

  • A short project description of the planned analysis is send to AeroCom contact (
  • An account is opened upon sending a request for an account to and
  • The project description is made available to AeroCom participants
    via the wiki page
  • Results from analysis are reported to AeroCom workshops
  • Publication-Coauthorship is offered to model and data author. See data policy

Data user server and format of data is further explained on the Database Explanations page
and further help for processing data is found in Tools section.
Variable names in files correspond to the AeroCom Protocol

Benchmark data

Consolidated datasets, which have been used for aerosol model evaluation are available here: Benchmark data

Model data upload

Data can be uploaded to
Please contact for password and user name.
Data are then transfered to the aerocom user server.

AeroCom data usage

Observational data collected for AeroCom comparison purposes resides in the data providers data holding facilities. Please see respective web sites for contact details (Surface observations and Lidar data ).
For image catalogue results documented via the web interfaces please contact the AeroCom coordination team and/or the model participants prior to use.
Links to the individual models can be found via the participants-listing Overview tables and documentation of the aerosol model parameterisations can be found in the papers accessible via the AeroCom Reference section.

Please note also the acknowledgements.

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