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Protocol Overview

****** AEROCOM PHASE III ************
What is planned?
Please see the wiki page !! and the latest meeting presentations
How to submit data to the database? see here

****** PHASE AEROCOM II Diagnostics Table version 2009 ********

To facilitate aerosol model data comparisons it is proposed to implement ONE standard output for a given model.

See for explanations and details the latest excel file (updated 24 October 09 MS):

Simplified list with all 2D&3D variables in html

For harmonized output with CMOR the corresponding AEROCOM CMOR tables
See example files of model output here: AEROCOM CMOR example files

Please also document model with the COST model database

****** AEROCOM PHASE II Experiments & Diagnostics explanations ************

Recommended emissions data

Microphysics Diagnostics (Mann)
Organics Diagnostics (Tsigaridis
Prescribed Aerosol Property Forcing Experiment (Stier)
Radiative Transfer Experiment (Randles) (updated March2010)
PLUS associated AFGL standard atmospheres files: saw.txt and tropical.txt

Direct Forcing Experiment (Myhre)
Hindcast Experiments (Schulz)
Preliminary hindcast emission dataset (Diehl)
netCDF Formatting

**************** INDIRECT Effect 2nd Exercise (ca 2007) ****************

The specifications for the new indirect effect experiments, coordinated by Johannes Quaas can be found here: pdfs/indirect_effect_experiment.pdf
See also the dicussion here: Indirect Effect workging group WIKI page

********* HTAP 1 (leading to report 2010) **********

For participating in HTAP-AeroCom source receptor experiments see HTAP website

****************** 1st AeroCom Phase *************************

AeroCom experiment A (finished)
The first phase of AeroCom has asked for monthly and daily output
for the years 1996-1997-2000-2001 or climatologically mean.
Further Details describe formatting issues.

AeroCom experiment B (year 2000) and PRE ( year 1750) (finished)
Prescribed emissions used in association with meteorology of year 2000
In principal idientical diagnostics as for AeroCom A
Direct Radiative forcing diagnostics

Indirect Forcing experiments (finished)
see Penner et al., 2006 in publications section.

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