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NEXT - 20th AEROCOM Workshop

September/October 2021
will be hold !! - Details&Format are in preparation
Combined with 9th AeroSat workshop
hosted by AeroCom/Aerosat Scientific Steering Committees

PREVIOUS meetings

19th Aerocom workshop, Digital, 12 - 16 October, 2020
held digitally

18th Aerocom workshop, Barcelona, Spain, 23 - 27 September, 2019
hosted by Barcelona Supercomputing Center

17th Aerocom workshop, College Park, Maryland, USA, 15 - 19 October, 2018
hosted by NOAA NESDIS, NASA Goddard and University of Maryland

16th Aerocom workshop, Helsinki, Finland, 9 - 13 October, 2017
hosted by Finnish Meteorological Institute

15th Aerocom workshop, Beijing, China, 19 - 23 September, 2016
hosted by Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Atmospheric Physics

14th Aerocom workshop, Rome/Frascati, Italy, 5 - 9 October, 2015
hosted by European Space Agency

13th Aerocom workshop, Steamboat Springs, USA, 29 Sep - 3 October, 2014
hosted by Desert Research Institute, Stormpeak Laboratory

12th Aerocom workshop, Hamburg, Germany, 23-26 September, 2013
hosted by Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology

11th Aerocom workshop, Seattle, USA, 10-13 September, 2012
hosted by University of Washington

10th Aerocom workshop, Fukuoka, Japan, 3-6 October, 2011
hosted by University of Kyushu

9th Aerocom workshop, UK, 27-30 September, 2010
hosted by University of Oxford

8th Aerocom workshop - Princeton, New Jersey, US, 5 - 7 October 2009
hosted by GFDL

7th AEROCOM workshop - Reykjavik, Iceland,
hosted by Met Office Iceland and Univ Oslo, 8-10 October 2008

6th AEROCOM workshop - Lille, France,
hosted by Laboratoire d'Optique Atmospherique, 25-26 October 2007
in connection with the A-train symposium

5th AEROCOM workshop - Virginia Beach, US,
hosted by NASA Langley and Goddard, 17-19 October 2006

4th AEROCOM workshop - Oslo, Norway,
hosted by University of Oslo, 15-17 June 2005

3rd AEROCOM workshop - New York, US,
hosted by GISS, 1-3 December 2004

2nd AEROCOM Workshop - Ispra, Italy,
hosted by JRC, 10-12 March 2004

1st AEROCOM Workshop - Paris, France,
hosted by LSCE/CNES, 2-3 June 2003

is an international
science initiative
on aerosols and climate

supported by
EU Framework programmes

Norw. Met Office
Max-Planck Ges.
French CNES