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Introduction / Objectives

This interface aims at putting aside model results and LIDAR aerosol observations from the EARLINET network and ARM/DOE network for interested aerosol scientists. It shall allow to look at data and model results from different angles to improve aerosol models and make better use of LIDAR measurements. To facilitate interpretation of the LIDAR measurements the model results have been used to retrieve the (modelled) aerosol composition at the time when a LIDAR profile was taken. All year averages are compared to a filtered averages, depending on the availablity of the measurements.

See info on EARLINET Data policy and Data quality

See further explanation of the features - HERE,

Overview of processed data - HERE

Michael Schulz, Sarah Guibert (LSCE/IPSL-SACLAY-F)
Volker Matthias, Jens Boesenberg (MPI-M-Hamburg-D)
Rich Ferrare (ARM/DOE)


EARLINET - LIDAR data authors

please contact
Jens Boesenberg (boesenberg at dkrz.de)

J. Boesenberg, H. Linne, V. Matthias
Max-Planck Institut fuer Meteorologie / Hamburg / Germany

G. Pappalardo, A. Amodeo, L. Mona, M. Pandolfi
Istituto di Metodologie per l'Analisi Ambientale - C.N.R. /Potenza /Italy

D. Balis, V. Amoiridis
Aristotele University of Thessaloniki / Thessaloniki / Greece

A. Ansmann, I. Mattis, U. Wandinger, D. Mueller
Institut fuer Troposphaerenforschung / Leipzig / Germany

N. Spinelli, X. Wang, A. Boselli
Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia / Napoli / Italy

A. Papayannis
National Technical University of Athens / Zografou / Greece

A. Comeron, F. Rocadenbosch, C. Perez, J.M. Baldasano
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya / Barcelona /Spain

R. M. Perrone
data Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia / Lecce / Italy

R. Eixmann
Leibniz-Institut fuer Atmosphaerenphysik / Kuehlungsborn / Germany

V. Rizi, M. Iarlori
Universita Degli Studi - L'Aqulia / L'Aqulia / Italy

G. Vaughan, L. Komguem
Physics Department of the University of Wales / Ceredigion / U. K.

ARM/DOE data authors
please contact
Rich Ferrare (Richard.A.Ferrare at nasa.gov) see also ARM website

Model authors
please contact
guibert at lsce.saclay.cea.fr or schulz at cea.fr

see please other AEROCOM web interfaces for authors of the models used here.


EARLINET encourages the use of lidar data by third parties for a variety
of applications. To ensure fair treatment of data producers and to avoid
violation of intellectual property rights EARLINET has adopted a data
protocol agreement which states that "use of EARLINET data by third
parties requires written consent of all partners who have contributed to
the data set to be used." Jens Boesenberg, Max-Planck-Institut fuer
Meteorologie, Hamburg, serves as a central point of contact:

EARLINET Raman lidars provide aerosol extinction and backscatter
profiles at typically one wavelength in the UV (351 nm or 355 nm) and/or
in the green (532 nm). All Raman lidar profiles are taken around sunset on the given day. Typical temporal averaging is 30 minutes, typical vertical averaging is
100 - 1000 m, increasing with height. Measurement errors are in the
order of 5 - 20 \%, usually also increasing with height and depending on
averaging in time and space. In case of low aerosol extinction, errors
are better described in absolute values. They are typically in the order
of 50 Mm^-1. Be aware of the fact that individual errors can differ
significantly from the given typical errors, the error for each data
point is given in the data file. Data files are presently not public,
but access can be arranged through EARLINET. Please contact

EARLINET lidar profiles are cloud screened for low and mid level clouds,
but may contain cirrus clouds. The information whether or not cirrus is
included in the profile is available in special lists in the EARLINET data base.
Therefore, great care must be taken when comparing lidar profiles and
model results in upper altitudes.

A detailed description about the EARLINET project and its first results
is available as MPI report 348 "EARLINET - A European Aerosol Research
Lidar Network" by Jens Boesenberg, Volker Matthias et al. . This report
and other information about EARLINET can be downloaded from the EARLINET web page http://lidarb.dkrz.de/earlinet .

see also AEROCOM web-interfaces
for other aerosol model results

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AEROCOM (Aerosol Model Intercomparison Study)


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