Mapping interface for Aerosol MODEL and OBSERVATION results

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PRELIMINARY RESULTS - you need to contact authors if you want to use results


This interface aims at putting aside INCA aerosol model results and AERONET and surface observation data collected in the EU CREATE project.

IF you wish to see results from other stations than chosen
IF you would like to see other aerosol data plotted against model output
IF you find errors
IF you have any other suggestions
IF you have no access

please contact
guibert at lsce.saclay.cea.fr or schulz at cea.fr

For the CREATE team
Michael Schulz and Sarah Guibert


DATA authors/collecting institutions

CREATE project partners
see Univ Galway CREATE web site

CREATE aerosol data base
see NILU CREATE aerosol Data base

AERONET sun photometer network
AERONET website
contact Stefan Kinne @ dkrz - . - de


INCA model authors

LMDzT-INCA, Lab Science Climat et de l'Enivonnement, Paris (LSCE)
model description -- model website / model authors: for INCA Michael Schulz, Yves Balkanski, Christiane Textor, Sylvia Generoso, Sarah Guibert, Didier Hauglustaine (schulz at cea.fr)

Financial support has been obtained via the EU project

EU CREATE project

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